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Mark Zuckerberg launched Messenger and LIVE API for Developers

April 12, 2016


Just now Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of Messenger and LIVE  API’s for developers. He made this announcement in an innovative and unusual way by live streaming the event on FACEBOOK using LIVE. Now you have option to go live on facebook. He also put some light about the future[…]

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How to save image(from external image URL) in Profile2 module in Drupal 7 image field programmatically?

January 15, 2016


Profile2 module is used if you want to store some additional info about the your in his/her profile like interests , occupation etc. i.e. the fields that are not given by default in drupal user profiles. You can also add image field or some field for moderation etc. Here in[…]

Google planning to add blood sampling to future smartwatches

December 6, 2015

Google has plans for something a little more advanced in smartwatches.They are planning to add blood-sampling mechanism in the smartwatches for wearables that gathers much more information about the state of your health. The mechanism uses a gas-powered microparticle that’s blasted into your skin, which quickly draws a small vial of[…]

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How to protect your WordPress Site from Bots Registrations ?

October 3, 2015


As WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for blogs and almost 80% of all the sites that uses CMS are on WordPress, So It is the main target for the guys doing blackhat SEO and Spamming. If you have a wordpress site you may have encountered mainly these[…]