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dynamic coders

A conceptual gap exists between the representations that people use in their minds when thinking about a problem and the representations that Computers will accept when they are programmed. For most people learning programming, this gap is as wide as the Grand Canyon .At Dynamic Coders we are trying our best to fill those gaps.

This is the information age you can find everything on internet.Want to learn a new technology? You can find a hell lot of stuff to read and a lots of video tutorials on YouTube and similar sites.But have you ever wondered or sometimes feel frustrated in finding a video that is braked into parts and you are unable to find the next connecting parts.I guess answer will be YES. Also sometimes you see an awesome tutorial on YouTube but then when you tried to give it a try yourself,you waste a hell lot of time pausing that video and then typing code and repeat the steps again n again n again.This is quiet frustrating some times.So we thought there must be a better way, and we can’t find any So we created one.Here on this site you will find tutorials along with the code sample that you can copy or download and give it a try along with the video tutorials where our expert programmers will guide you how they do it.

So basically we organize the tools and stuff you need in a better way to make your life easier.And all the tutorials and code samples are free to access (*no conditions apply). We will appreciate if you subscribe our channel for latest video tutorials.

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