Controversy on Freedom 251 -India’s most affordable smartphone

February 21, 2016

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download (1)

The much hyped launch of world’s cheapest smartphone became disheartening for most of the people when a huge rush of people tried to book the device and firm’s website crashed after a few hours of opening.

According to the sources, it is not possible to make a smartphone at such a low cost.

“In realty it is not possible because even a memory card, a chipset or a processor costs more than the whole handset. I don’t see it as a serious business model. I am also worried about the security of money of buyers who have booked the handset,” S.N. Rai, co-founder, Lava Mobiles, told BusinessLine.

It is also heard that this is actually a prototype of the actual device.Lets see people will meet their expectations or not.

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